Hello! My name is Sarah Vatamaniuck and welcome to my ePortfolio

There is everything from personal reflections to unit and lesson plans that I have created over the course of my education.

Quick FAQ’s

What year are you in?

I have just finished my 3rd year and will be interning in the fall (2018)

Which program are you in?

I am in the Secondary education program with a major in Health And a minor in Biology

What are your favourite things to teach in health/science?

I love all aspects of health and am very passionate about getting young people to take all aspects of their health seriously. I strongly believe that we are not completely healthy unless our mind, body, and sport are all healthy. In science I am passionate about two main areas: human sciences and environmental science. I love teaching about the human body and how amazing it is and I also love teaching young people about the earth and the choices we can make to help sustain it for years to come.