ECS 350, Inquiry

Inquiry Project: Cooperative learning

Cooperative learning is an instructional strategy that allows students to work with others to extend their learning. This can come in many forms: jigsaws, think-pair-share, etc. It is an advantage to students becuase in the “real world” there will probably be people they have to work with so allowing students to work together with their peers will benefit them in the future. This group environment also allows students to be more open becuase they are with less students. For the students who are more quiet and timid, it will allow them to be more involved. It can allow more contributions and give all the students an equal opportunity to be involved in disscussions.

Students will learn how to work together with people and how to solve conflicts in a constructive manner. By having students work together like this they willl develop skills that will be useful for them in the future.

One method of cooperative learning is grouping students by askill level. This is a way of differentiation. By grouping students in this way it allows students to feel apperciated and feel like their thoughts.

Cooperative Learning Demo

Examples of Specific Strategies

  1. Jigsaw
  2. Think-Pair-Share

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