EDTC 300, Learning Project

Learning How to do Card Tricks #2 -Learning False Cuts

So this is my first official week of trying to become a magician!

Over the past several days I have been looking up videos of easy card tricks to start out with. Most of them require very little skill so I thought they would be perfect. However as I have continued with my research I realized I lacked any skills to make the “easy tricks” actually look believable.

I didn’t realize how much finger dexterity you needed! From what I have learned, in order to make a trick look believable you need smooth but fast hand motions. There are a lot of techniques used to make this happen and a big one is the FALSE CUT. From my understanding a false cut makes it look like you’ve shuffled a deck of cards but in actuality you haven’t. This is key for many tricks becuase it distracts the audience into thinking the deck is being shuffled therefore the cards are in a random order, yet that’s not actually the case and the order of the cards stays the same.

Before learning any tricks I needed to do a lot of practice with these false cuts, and also just get used to playing around with a deck of cards.

In Part 1 I will be following this video

Part 2 I will be following this video for the basic false cut and this video for the Sybil cut

Also let me know if you prefer me to show actually watching the video or just using headphones and watching off to the side! I also want to experiament with other types of videos so I might try doing a voiceover for my next one!


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