EDTC 300

A Culture of Participation

The internet is weird. There I said it. To be completly honest I’ve never quite understood “internet culture.” I get memes and all the latest social media hypes but I’ve never really understood why things on the internet get so popular, even if whatever it is, ins’t that funny or interesting. A lot of the time really wierd things start going around the internet just becuase it’s wierd.

The older I’ve got the more I became aware of things like internet trends. When I was younger I was aware of things on the internet but I didn’t have access to it like I do today. The first trends that I really remember (that I knew were internet trends) were the Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style. I thought both of these were stupid at the time and still do. Maybe I just don’t understand the humor of the internet. But this idea of internet participation is a facinating one in terms of human behavior. In the Youtube video An anthropological introduction to YouTube (also below) Michael Wesch talks about things like The Numa Numa song (which I definitly remeber from my childhood). And becuase I was young I just thought it was funny, but now I understand that it was a whole internet trend and a lot of people participated in it.

As teachers this idea of internet participation will continue (unill some new media appears) and we should be aware of what are students are watching. In my pre-internship we had a spirit week at our school. One of the days, you were supposed to dress up as your favourite vine. This is an example of teachers encouraging thier students to participate in internet culture. Vine isn’t even around anymore yet its still releven (In fact I didn’t even really know what Vine was until it was anncounced it was ending). A lot of the stuff on the internet is harmless entertainment. But a lot of it can also be dangerous. In our class on Thursday Dr. Alex Curos talked about the tide pod challenge and how it was a very dangerous trend that was going around teen circles. The cinnamon challenge was another one I remebered. When students participate in these trends it can actually be very life threataning. If we as teachers artn’t aware of these types of trends too, it can possibly be fatal for our students. We have to be aware of whats going on and be sure to inform our students of possible hazards of taking part in these trends.



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