EDTC 300, Learning Project

Learning How to do Card Tricks #3 -My First Trick!

So this week went by super fast. I was only able to film a short piece for this week. But I learned my first trick so that’s exciting!!

At the end of the video I mention that I want to have a “magic show” as my very last video so I will be practicing everything I learn so even though it doesn’t look that great in the video you should hopefully see my progress at the very end!


6 thoughts on “Learning How to do Card Tricks #3 -My First Trick!”

  1. This looked tricky! But I enjoyed watching the video and being able to hear you explain what you are doing and how this card trick would trick someone! I cannot wait for your magic show 🙂


  2. Hey there! This was super interesting to watch! My friend actually used to do this trick for me and would never tell me how it was done! Now I know! Keep up the great work! You’ll be pulling rabbits out of hats in no time! 😉


  3. I gained some very good insight from this blog post. One, that it is important to show your learning at all stages, even when you have not yet fully ‘mastered’ something. And two, that by showing your imperfections, it allows others to connect with you (even through a computer screen). Thank you for your honesty in this post, as it helped me realize to not take MY learning and blog posts so seriously.


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