EDTC 300, Learning Project

Learning How to do Card Tricks #4 -Double Lift

So this post is super late but I hav’t been able to spend that much time with my cards lately. I used Screencastify to record what I was learning.

I wanted to learn some more little techniques before I moved on to bigger tricks. This has been a lot harder than I was anticipating so I know now that I probably won’t meet my goal for the end of this class but that’s ok.

This week (meaning last week) I learned how to do this double lift technique. I was following a Wiki how article called How to Use the Double Lift Technique.

It was pretty simple, but again I have to practice lots to get it right.


3 thoughts on “Learning How to do Card Tricks #4 -Double Lift”

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Nice use of the Screencastify for your video. I like wikihow pages for the easy to follow step by step instructions as well.
    I think you should invent a new way or word to punctuate your tricks, abra cadabra is so over done, make it your own 🙂


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