EDTC 300

Youtube: Good or Bad??

So this is the last week of #edtc300!! I’m trying to catch up on my blog posts so this one will be from June 12th and what we had to do was work with a partner and have a “conversation” on the pros and cons of a social media platform or tool. I don’t have anything from my partner yet (as of June 29th), how ever I do have my part now.

*When I get the rest from my partner I will edit this post*

Tool: Youtube

My position: Aginst (from a parents POV)

While Youtube itself has some controls on what content is uploaded to the site. Anybody can put whatever they want on it for everyone one to see. This includes impressional young kids. According to this article, 42% of screen time a child aged 0-8 has access to is on a mobile device or computer. Some parents may be strict but others may not be. There can be a lot of good content but just seeing one bad video can break a parents trust  and Youtube will forever be seen as a bad thing. This article from The Guardian talks about YouTube Kids and how the site is doing more to give parents control over what their kids are seeing on the site.


Another thing that isn’t talked about as much with children is the data that is collected from the viewer. We mostly see this from the algorithms most social media sites use and apply them to only adults, however this article from The Guardian suggests that YouTube has actually violated child protection laws because of it.


All in all I feel like YouTube is too risky when children are the ones  consuming its media. There are other alternatives that you can still learn from but doesn’t have the possibility of stumbling across some not so age-appropriate content. This website list some resources that are safe for kids to use, so they can learn from safe and reliable sources because not just anyone can put something on them


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