EDTC 300

Final EDTC 300 Post!

So the end of the spring semester is finally here! (don’t get me wrong, I love school but It’s nice to be done :))

This final post will be about how I contributed to my fellow students learning. This was one part of the course that I know I could have done better at. If this wasn’t an online class I honestly wouldn’t be much different. I don’t talk to a lot of people in classess and I am clearly not a lot different online. I do have a few screen shots of some evidence that I was trying but I know there could have been more.

Let’s start with my activity on Twitter:

One thing I did think I did a good job on was “liking” peoples posts (this was becuase it is not as intimidating as actually commenting)

Here is just a snippet of some of the tweets I have “liked” over the semester.

I also did some Twitter polls a couple of times and I liked seeing my peers’ responses.

One thing on Twitter that I thought I did well was participating in the #saskedchat. Here’s a screenshot of some of my activity during that evening.

Now blogging….

I tried to comment on blog posts but that was also something I struggled with, but I do have a few examples of comments I made. (And yes I know one is from today)

So I know this didn’t show a whole lot (I did do more I promise, I just kinda forgot to keep track of everything )

But this truly was a fantasitc class and I really did have  very enjoyable time with everthing that we did.


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