EDTC 300, Learning Project

Learning How to do Card Tricks #7 -Final Post!

Wow, this was a lot harder than I thought! For this final post I want to recap everything I have learned over this past semester.

I really wanted to learn how to do some card tricks and think I thought this would be easier….I was very wrong.

It was fun, but took a lot more work and effort than I had thought it would, but I did do lots and I am prtty proud of myself for accomplishing something I had always wanted to do.

I said I was going to do a magic show for my final post, but unfourtunetly I was unable to film it in time so I am going to do a week-by-week recap instead.

The very First post I put up was goals and ideas for my learning project.

Goal: learn 5 card tricks ranging from basic to difficult.

Week 1 was the first offical week of my learning project and I need to start out with the basics.

What I did: 3 false cuts, one basic, one intermediate, and one difficult. All of these I learned and used throughout my other tricks

I recorded the videos on my phone and then edited them in Windows Movie Maker and uploaded it to youtube. I followed these videos: Basic, Intermediate, Sybil (difficult)

Week 2

What I did: First basic trick called The Three Robbers

I also recorded the video on my phone and then edited it in Windows Movie Maker and uploaded it to youtube.

This is the video I used.

Week 3

What I did: Learned a new technique called the double lift (I could also do a songle and triple lift)

I used screencastify this time and followed this tutorial on Wikihow

Week 4

What I did: Learned an intermediate called All the Aces.

I used screencastify again and used this website.

Week 5

What I did: Leaned a hard trick called the Never Again Trick

I once again used Screencastify but I only videoed mylef and not the screen becuase I was watching this video.

I also

In total I learned 2 techniques (false cuts, and the lifts)  and 4 card tricks which I think I did pretty well.

Some unexpected things I learned were:

  • Using screencastify
  • editing movies
  • uploaded videos to Youtube
  • Weekly blogging
  • Finding cool resources online

I don’t know if I am going to continue with it but it will be fun to practice more and show people when I am a little more confident in it!


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