About Me


My name is Sarah Vatamaniuck and I am 20 years old.This is my third year of university. I am in the Secondary Education program, majoring in Health and I am really enjoying it so far. I have lived in Regina my entire life and I attended Ethel Milliken Elementary school from Kindergarten to Grade 8 and Campbell Collegiate from Grade 9 to Grade 12. I have one twin brother named Matthew.  Growing up I never imagined I would want to be a teacher but that changed the summer before Grade 11. I taught 5-day clubs for Child Evangelism Fellowship, which are little bible clubs held in the summer. I loved doing it! It was so much fun being around the kids everyday and having them excited to learn. This definitely inspired me to want to become a teacher. I currently have a job at Government House where I am a guide. This experience has given me the opportunity to lead field trips with students, teachers, and parents. I have a lot of passion for health and biology so those are the areas I chose to study.