EDTC 300, Learning Project

Learning How to do Card Tricks #7 -Final Post!

Wow, this was a lot harder than I thought! For this final post I want to recap everything I have learned over this past semester.

I really wanted to learn how to do some card tricks and think I thought this would be easier….I was very wrong.

It was fun, but took a lot more work and effort than I had thought it would, but I did do lots and I am prtty proud of myself for accomplishing something I had always wanted to do.

I said I was going to do a magic show for my final post, but unfourtunetly I was unable to film it in time so I am going to do a week-by-week recap instead.

The very First post I put up was goals and ideas for my learning project.

Goal: learn 5 card tricks ranging from basic to difficult.

Week 1 was the first offical week of my learning project and I need to start out with the basics.

What I did: 3 false cuts, one basic, one intermediate, and one difficult. All of these I learned and used throughout my other tricks

I recorded the videos on my phone and then edited them in Windows Movie Maker and uploaded it to youtube. I followed these videos: Basic, Intermediate, Sybil (difficult)

Week 2

What I did: First basic trick called The Three Robbers

I also recorded the video on my phone and then edited it in Windows Movie Maker and uploaded it to youtube.

This is the video I used.

Week 3

What I did: Learned a new technique called the double lift (I could also do a songle and triple lift)

I used screencastify this time and followed this tutorial on Wikihow

Week 4

What I did: Learned an intermediate called All the Aces.

I used screencastify again and used this website.

Week 5

What I did: Leaned a hard trick called the Never Again Trick

I once again used Screencastify but I only videoed mylef and not the screen becuase I was watching this video.

I also

In total I learned 2 techniques (false cuts, and the lifts)  and 4 card tricks which I think I did pretty well.

Some unexpected things I learned were:

  • Using screencastify
  • editing movies
  • uploaded videos to Youtube
  • Weekly blogging
  • Finding cool resources online

I don’t know if I am going to continue with it but it will be fun to practice more and show people when I am a little more confident in it!

EDTC 300

Final EDTC 300 Post!

So the end of the spring semester is finally here! (don’t get me wrong, I love school but It’s nice to be done :))

This final post will be about how I contributed to my fellow students learning. This was one part of the course that I know I could have done better at. If this wasn’t an online class I honestly wouldn’t be much different. I don’t talk to a lot of people in classess and I am clearly not a lot different online. I do have a few screen shots of some evidence that I was trying but I know there could have been more.

Let’s start with my activity on Twitter:

One thing I did think I did a good job on was “liking” peoples posts (this was becuase it is not as intimidating as actually commenting)

Here is just a snippet of some of the tweets I have “liked” over the semester.

I also did some Twitter polls a couple of times and I liked seeing my peers’ responses.

One thing on Twitter that I thought I did well was participating in the #saskedchat. Here’s a screenshot of some of my activity during that evening.

Now blogging….

I tried to comment on blog posts but that was also something I struggled with, but I do have a few examples of comments I made. (And yes I know one is from today)

So I know this didn’t show a whole lot (I did do more I promise, I just kinda forgot to keep track of everything )

But this truly was a fantasitc class and I really did have  very enjoyable time with everthing that we did.

EDTC 300

Youtube: Good or Bad??

So this is the last week of #edtc300!! I’m trying to catch up on my blog posts so this one will be from June 12th and what we had to do was work with a partner and have a “conversation” on the pros and cons of a social media platform or tool. I don’t have anything from my partner yet (as of June 29th), how ever I do have my part now.

*When I get the rest from my partner I will edit this post*

Tool: Youtube

My position: Aginst (from a parents POV)

While Youtube itself has some controls on what content is uploaded to the site. Anybody can put whatever they want on it for everyone one to see. This includes impressional young kids. According to this article, 42% of screen time a child aged 0-8 has access to is on a mobile device or computer. Some parents may be strict but others may not be. There can be a lot of good content but just seeing one bad video can break a parents trust  and Youtube will forever be seen as a bad thing. This article from The Guardian talks about YouTube Kids and how the site is doing more to give parents control over what their kids are seeing on the site.


Another thing that isn’t talked about as much with children is the data that is collected from the viewer. We mostly see this from the algorithms most social media sites use and apply them to only adults, however this article from The Guardian suggests that YouTube has actually violated child protection laws because of it.


All in all I feel like YouTube is too risky when children are the ones  consuming its media. There are other alternatives that you can still learn from but doesn’t have the possibility of stumbling across some not so age-appropriate content. This website list some resources that are safe for kids to use, so they can learn from safe and reliable sources because not just anyone can put something on them

EDTC 300

Summary of Learning

Wow. I can’t believe this class is already over!

I wanted to take this class becuase I thought it would be a fun parctical class that I would learn some stuff about technology in. I was right but it was so much more.

This video explains what I have learned over the past 7 weeks and what I will do with that information in the future.

(also it’s slightly longer than I intended so I apologize)

EDTC 300

Learning to Code!

Coding is terrifying to me. I have a few friends in Computer Science and whenever they talk, it just goes over y head. This week I was a little nervous, but after Tuesday’s class. I felt a little more excited.

I decided to use  Hour of Code and I will be doing the activity  Create Virtual Worlds with Code HS .

The first step was to watch a short clip explaining VR and the basic coding structure.

Then it gave an example to show you how to move around in the VR world.

After that it gave another example to look through. Then it was another tutorial on changing attributs and then it was my turn to try it out!

You can see on the right side that I completed the goals. The next part was adjusting the planes.

After these examples it was time to start settingup my world. The first step was to make the floor.

So I made tthe floor a dark green. Then I could make whatever I wanted.

The top picture is what I made. and then the bottom picture shows the code. And that was it! I finished!

Here’s my certificate.

I really want to try this out more becuase it was actually pretty fun!


EDTC 300, Learning Project

Learning How to do Card Tricks #6 -My Final Trick

Well this will be the final trick I learn this semester. I wanted it to be a culmanation of things I’ve learned and I think I did a pretty good job of finding a trick for this last week. I decided to use screencastify again but this time you won’t be able to see my screen becuase I don’t want to have to worry about copywright laws.

I was following this tutorial in the video.

Stay tuned for next week becuase it will be my final learning project post of the semester and I want to put on a little majic show to see how much I’ve learned!

EDTC 300, Learning Project

Learning How to do Card Tricks #4 -Double Lift

So this post is super late but I hav’t been able to spend that much time with my cards lately. I used Screencastify to record what I was learning.

I wanted to learn some more little techniques before I moved on to bigger tricks. This has been a lot harder than I was anticipating so I know now that I probably won’t meet my goal for the end of this class but that’s ok.

This week (meaning last week) I learned how to do this double lift technique. I was following a Wiki how article called How to Use the Double Lift Technique.

It was pretty simple, but again I have to practice lots to get it right.

EDTC 300

Social Media & School

I have a lot of thoughts about social media. I am on it as well as most of the general population. As new technology is emerging we all want to get it as soon as possible. We want to follow all of the social media trends and be in tune with whats going on in the online world. Today you would be considered ignorant if you didn’t know what was going on in the world becuase we have such easy access to it. But what happens when those “trends” turn into something else. Inn a previous post I talked about dangerous trends but here I’m talking about the trend of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying has been around for most of my life, but when I was younger it mostly happened on chatrooms which I was not allowed to use so I thankfully never saw any of that. Nowadays it is so easy to comment on someone’s tweet, instagram photo and say some truly hurtful thing.

This Ted talk is a great example how online harrasement can be devestating.

I really liked how she talks about just being more compassionate. That isn’t something we should have to tell people, but it is the reality of our world. Just be a nice human being. But people are attracted to drama and if one person is doing it then they want to join in too.

This will affect our future students greatly. Becuase of that, we need to educate them on not only not participating in online harrassement but also what to do if it happens to them. We should be aware of what is going on online and have open and honest conversations if there is something that is currently in the media.

Another opinion that I have is we can teach kids that it’s ok not to be online. There was never a rule made that everyone has to have social media but as I said at the beginning, you might be considered ignorant. That is definitly not the case but not one has to be online and sees everything that goes on there becuase a lot of it isn’t nice or helpful in any way. “The IRL Fetish” by Nathan Jurgenson speaks a little about what happens if you take a step back from social media. Trust me, its not the end of the world and students should be ok with that.

Our world is always going to be changing, and yes I think the world would be a much better place without social media but that is not reality (plus it does have benefits, I know), As future educators we need to teach our students how to navigate the online world just like we teach them how to navigate the offline world.