EDTC 300

Using Twitter

When I first heard about Twitter, I thought the concept was quite dumb actually. I didn’t really understand why anyone would care about anything someone pot on there especially if it had to be under 120 characters. I didn’t really understand the point of socail media at this point especially since I was relatively young and there wasn’t too many big social media sites that I was a part of. But I got an account later on in my life, and like most things I was interested for a while and then something else came up and Twitter was pushed to the side.

Before taking EDTC 300 I had stopped using Twitter for the most part. The only thing I really used it for was to check on current events becuase its instantaneous information so if there was something going on in the world I would hear about it quickly. I actually didn’t realize a lot of people still used Twitter. With other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat came along I thought Twitter would be left behid but I recently realized it wasn’t and its still very popular.I made a new Twitter account for this class so I could have a fresh start.

I think Twitter can be used in a lot of ways but I am not really sure of how it may be used in a classroom setting. I like the idea of having a classroom hashtag for sharing articles or resources but that would mainly be for older grades. You also might want to have a class twitter account to show off what your students are learning and see what other teachers/students/classes think.

The Sasked chat that our class participated in was really interesting! I had heard about it before but never participated in it. It really was just like having a class disscussion only online. It was cool to hear from other people who also weren’t a part of our class. One reason I think I really enjoyed it was the topic. Going paperless is something I’ve wondered about. I try to be cancience of my personal effects on our environment and its also something I’m passionate teaching about. I got some really good feedback and tips from people and I thought that was a really cool benefit of it. It was a really supporrtive environment and I felt a lot more comfortable adding to the disscussion here than I would be in a regular class. I think I would like to try it out again sometime too!

Twitter is never something I thought I would use a lot and I may stop using it after this class but its still nice to have the knowledge that its a really cool communication tool to use.


EDTC 300

Using Feedly

I had never heard of anything like Feedly before this week. I love reading and learning, but I don’t necessarily like going out of my way to find something to read. If it’s too long or doesn’t interest me than there’s very little chance I’ll actually read it. Feedly is actually a super great too if you want to quickly find cool resources or anything that might interest you!

I logged on with my Google account because it’s what I use for anything school related. Then you can click “add content” then “publications and blogs.” then you can search anything that you want. I will usually search things that I’m interested in like “education,” “science education,” health education,” or “health science.” It will bring up a whole list of blogs that cater to that topic. When you find something you are interested in you can click “follow” and you can add it to a feed. You are allowed to have 3 feeds and these are categories for the content you choose to follow. I have 3 feeds “Education,” “Edtech,” and “Health.” Once you add the content you want you can look at each individual feed or look at all the content together and it will bring up all tha articles from each of the blogs or publications that you chose to follow.

I really liked this when I first began to use it because of how easy it was. Sometimes I’m bored and just end up wasting my time with something dumb, but because tis is so fast and easy to use that time to actually learn something!

The feeds “Education” and “Edtech” were specifically for EDTC 300 but the health one was for my one personal interest. I love making food, working out and running so in this feed I chose blogs with running tips and healthy recipes. One of the publications I chose to follow was called “The Running Blog” and it was published by The Guardian. There are many different posts written by different people with their experiences and tips. I actually took the time to read through articles and this is something I normally wouldn’t take the tie to go out of my way to do.

Here’s an article that I really liked and if any of you are runners you might want to take a look!

Would coming last in a race really be so bad?

In a way, Feedly reminds me of Pinterest ( Which I love) because a lot of the “pins” will link to somebody’s blog and you can search for what interest you on there, as well as make boards.

I will definitely continue to use Feedly because of how fast I can find things that I like.

This is a screenshot of what my Feedly page looks like with all of the content listed.



EDTC 300

Thoughts on Technology within a Classroom

My experience with technology is somewhat limited. This blog was made as an ePortfolio for my ECS 100 class a few years ago. I have been able to  keep up with it and continue to add to it as I get further along in my program. I know that technology is very useful and convientient but I don’t always know when the best times to use it are. I feel like in my teaching experience the only technology I rely on are powerpoints and Youtube videos. These are great tools but technology has changed and evolved so much that there are endless opportunities to use them and that is my main goal of EDTC 300: To find and be able to use technology in a variety of different ways in the classroom.

Photo Credit: Coffee-Channel.com Flickr via Compfight cc

We have had a good start in being provided different platforms to use. I never really use twitter that much but I made a new account specifically for this class as a little reset and I have actually been having a lot of fun with it. Social media is such a huge part of our lives but I don’t always know when it is appropriate to use it so this class is helping me with that aspect. I have used Padlet and Flipgrid in other classess before, but this is my first time using Google Community and so far I like it and definitely see the use of it when it comes to classrooms.

When it comes to blogging, I love the idea of it but I can never keep up with it. I have never been a person who enjoys journalling and overall I’m not a huge fan of writting. I basically only do it if I have to. My main problem is that I can start it and maintain it for a while but I soon lose interest in it. When I’m give something to write about its easier for me so I shouldn’t have any problems with this class but sometimes I feel like what I have to write about isn’t worth talking about online. I’m also kind of a private person and don’t always like having all my thoughts out in the open like this. It is something I wish I was more comfortable with but maybe I’ll get more comfprtable throughout this course.

Nowadays students know a lot about technology, probably more than some teachers, so that means we can actually learn a lot from our students and maybe some things can relate to them more if they are using something that they use all the time anyways. Using these tools can also provide a wider range of learning for our students and really help us to differentiate our lessons.

Over this semester I am excited to learn more about how to use technology properly both inside and outside of a classroom!

You can follow me on twitter here. I will be (hopefully) frequently updating everyone on how this course is going and also my learning project!


EDTC 300, Learning Project

Learning how to do card tricks #1

For my learning project I hae decided to learn how to do card tricks. They have always facinated me and I know people who can do them really well and I have even done some basic ones myself before but I really want to be able to do more complex tricks through this experience.

To start out I decided to write out a goal for myself:

By the end of the semester I want to be able to execute smoothly and correctly without any assistance (at least) 5 card tricks ranging from basic to advanced.

I will be doing my research and learning mainly from Youtube. I found a few channels that would be helpful:

The Card Tricks

Chris Ramsay


I will be mainly taking videos of myself as I watch the videos and follow along. As I get better I will be preforming the tricks with an “assistant” (probably my brother, if he lets me.)

I only have a deck of cards at the moment but hopefully by my next post I will be on my way to knowing the coolest card tricks around!