EDTC 300, Learning Project

Learning How to do Card Tricks #7 -Final Post!

Wow, this was a lot harder than I thought! For this final post I want to recap everything I have learned over this past semester.

I really wanted to learn how to do some card tricks and think I thought this would be easier….I was very wrong.

It was fun, but took a lot more work and effort than I had thought it would, but I did do lots and I am prtty proud of myself for accomplishing something I had always wanted to do.

I said I was going to do a magic show for my final post, but unfourtunetly I was unable to film it in time so I am going to do a week-by-week recap instead.

The very First post I put up was goals and ideas for my learning project.

Goal: learn 5 card tricks ranging from basic to difficult.

Week 1 was the first offical week of my learning project and I need to start out with the basics.

What I did: 3 false cuts, one basic, one intermediate, and one difficult. All of these I learned and used throughout my other tricks

I recorded the videos on my phone and then edited them in Windows Movie Maker and uploaded it to youtube. I followed these videos: Basic, Intermediate, Sybil (difficult)

Week 2

What I did: First basic trick called The Three Robbers

I also recorded the video on my phone and then edited it in Windows Movie Maker and uploaded it to youtube.

This is the video I used.

Week 3

What I did: Learned a new technique called the double lift (I could also do a songle and triple lift)

I used screencastify this time and followed this tutorial on Wikihow

Week 4

What I did: Learned an intermediate called All the Aces.

I used screencastify again and used this website.

Week 5

What I did: Leaned a hard trick called the Never Again Trick

I once again used Screencastify but I only videoed mylef and not the screen becuase I was watching this video.

I also

In total I learned 2 techniques (false cuts, and the lifts)  and 4 card tricks which I think I did pretty well.

Some unexpected things I learned were:

  • Using screencastify
  • editing movies
  • uploaded videos to Youtube
  • Weekly blogging
  • Finding cool resources online

I don’t know if I am going to continue with it but it will be fun to practice more and show people when I am a little more confident in it!

EDTC 300, Learning Project

Learning How to do Card Tricks #6 -My Final Trick

Well this will be the final trick I learn this semester. I wanted it to be a culmanation of things I’ve learned and I think I did a pretty good job of finding a trick for this last week. I decided to use screencastify again but this time you won’t be able to see my screen becuase I don’t want to have to worry about copywright laws.

I was following this tutorial in the video.

Stay tuned for next week becuase it will be my final learning project post of the semester and I want to put on a little majic show to see how much I’ve learned!

EDTC 300, Learning Project

Learning How to do Card Tricks #4 -Double Lift

So this post is super late but I hav’t been able to spend that much time with my cards lately. I used Screencastify to record what I was learning.

I wanted to learn some more little techniques before I moved on to bigger tricks. This has been a lot harder than I was anticipating so I know now that I probably won’t meet my goal for the end of this class but that’s ok.

This week (meaning last week) I learned how to do this double lift technique. I was following a Wiki how article called How to Use the Double Lift Technique.

It was pretty simple, but again I have to practice lots to get it right.

EDTC 300, Learning Project

Learning How to do Card Tricks #3 -My First Trick!

So this week went by super fast. I was only able to film a short piece for this week. But I learned my first trick so that’s exciting!!

At the end of the video I mention that I want to have a “magic show” as my very last video so I will be practicing everything I learn so even though it doesn’t look that great in the video you should hopefully see my progress at the very end!

EDTC 300, Learning Project

Learning How to do Card Tricks #2 -Learning False Cuts

So this is my first official week of trying to become a magician!

Over the past several days I have been looking up videos of easy card tricks to start out with. Most of them require very little skill so I thought they would be perfect. However as I have continued with my research I realized I lacked any skills to make the “easy tricks” actually look believable.

I didn’t realize how much finger dexterity you needed! From what I have learned, in order to make a trick look believable you need smooth but fast hand motions. There are a lot of techniques used to make this happen and a big one is the FALSE CUT. From my understanding a false cut makes it look like you’ve shuffled a deck of cards but in actuality you haven’t. This is key for many tricks becuase it distracts the audience into thinking the deck is being shuffled therefore the cards are in a random order, yet that’s not actually the case and the order of the cards stays the same.

Before learning any tricks I needed to do a lot of practice with these false cuts, and also just get used to playing around with a deck of cards.

In Part 1 I will be following this video

Part 2 I will be following this video for the basic false cut and this video for the Sybil cut

Also let me know if you prefer me to show actually watching the video or just using headphones and watching off to the side! I also want to experiament with other types of videos so I might try doing a voiceover for my next one!

EDTC 300, Learning Project

EDTC 300 Learning Project: Learning How to do Card Tricks

For my learning project I hae decided to learn how to do card tricks. They have always facinated me and I know people who can do them really well and I have even done some basic ones myself before but I really want to be able to do more complex tricks through this experience.

To start out I decided to write out a goal for myself:

By the end of the semester I want to be able to execute smoothly and correctly without any assistance (at least) 5 card tricks ranging from basic to advanced.

I will be doing my research and learning mainly from Youtube. I found a few channels that would be helpful:

The Card Tricks

Chris Ramsay


I will be mainly taking videos of myself as I watch the videos and follow along. As I get better I will be preforming the tricks with an “assistant” (probably my brother, if he lets me.)

I only have a deck of cards at the moment but hopefully by my next post I will be on my way to knowing the coolest card tricks around!