Discussion Forum

Every week in small groups we would ask questions about something that was discussed in our lecture or seminar and respond with our thoughts and opinions. I have included some excerpts from these discussions that will include my opinions on various topics.

Week 2:

…do you still think that teaching religion (for example Catholicism) still has a place in schools when Canada has became as diverse as it is?

-Jayden Patterson

My response: As far as religion goes, it was much more popular a long time ago. It used to be quite rare if someone didn’t go to church so it was just a part of people’s lives and culture. As Canada has grown, new cultures are coming in and people are starting to lose their interest in religion. It’s hard to do anything now a days without offending someone so I think if Canada is going to be an inclusive country it would be hypocritical to not allow religious teachings in school, but it should never be forced on anyone. If anyone wants to be taught about any religions i think they should have that chance. Same goes for someone who wants nothing to do with religion.

Week 4:

My thoughts on if there is one educational philosophy that is more important than others

I don’t think there is one specific educational philosophy that is more important than the others. Rather I think it is more important to take aspects from each one. You can evaluate your classroom and see what aspects of these philosophies your students respond to best and use them accordingly.

 Week 5:
My thoughts on how teachers can support First Nations and immigrant students
As a teacher you probably won’t know what some of these kids have gone through, weather they’re First Nations or immigrants, so it’s important to try and see things from their perspective. Once you do that, it can help you to see what they need from you. Patience is also a key to help those students. I think there would be many times where a teacher might get frustrated that a child isn’t coming to school or can’t understand what you’re teaching. If you have patience, it will be better for you and your student.
 Week 8:
My thoughts on ways teachers can accommodate students with different learning needs.
I feel like every student should have the chance to get an equal learning experience, so If a teacher knows that a student may not be able to do a lesson or activity, than they should try to change it, but without doing something completely different. I think all students should be pushed to try their hardest so if a student says they can’t do something I don’t think a teacher should jump to give them some thing easier, I think they should be given a chance to try and if they still have a problem with it teachers should give a different assignment, maybe one that includes something extra, or takes something away, but isn’t easier than the first assignment.