Educational Philosophy

I Believe…..

Education is a right for everyone, no matter of race, age, social status, or sexuality.

Teachers should be role models for their students.

Teachers should be involved with their students and not just a person standing up at the front of a classroom talking.

Teachers should be focused on the students and what they are interested in.

Teachers should teach to the whole class as best as they can, not to just the majority or minority.

Schools should be a place where students feel safe and accepted for who they are.

Teachers and administrators need to understand that students are coming from all different walks of life and they need to accommodate that.

All students have potential.

Teachers should not compare certain students to others; all students work at their own pace.

Teachers have as much to learn as their students.

Teachers should remain professional at all times, inside the classroom and out.

As teachers, it is important to remind every student that they deserve an education.