Stories From the Field

Here I’d like to share some of my experiences and observations of my time in an elementary school this semester!

Week One: Students & Learning Environment

Monday, 22 February 2016, 10:56 AM

For my field placement I am in Mrs. Ewert-Molesky’s grade ¾ class at Grant Road School. The kids were so fantastic and so friendly. We were immediately welcomed by all the students and they wanted to get to know us… The classroom was quite large and the kids sat at desks in groups of about 5 or 6. The kids worked well and they were at the age where they didn’t need a lot of help if any… The day went by so fast and I was almost disappointed to leave… I was surprised at how well they got along with each other. The helped each other and no one was excluded from any activities… They were so friendly and very few of them were shy. I got lots of opportunity to walk around the room and talk to the students. They were very excited to have my partner and I with them for the afternoon. This first day was so awesome and I can’t wait to go back. -Sarah Vatamaniuck

Week 2: School and Community

…As far as the community goes, Grant Road School is in the south part of the city. That’s the area I live around and my own elementary is near there too, so I know the general area pretty well. There are quite a few immigrants-about 1/3 the class and will be getting higher (a student from Syria will be joining the class in a few weeks). It’s a pretty safe neighborhood and right in the middle of the community. There’s a park and a skating rink right beside the school so I imagine the kids are used to being in and around the community.There’s quite a lot of diversity at Grant Road, not just from immigrants, but they also have a program for students with disabilities which I think is great! From what I’ve seen, there are some really awesome things about this school, and I’ve heard quite a few teachers say this is a good school too, so I’m excited to continue going back.

Week 3: Teachers and Knowledge

Week Four: Inclusive Education- Diversity & Difference